Friday, May 20, 2011

Review: Herbalism Facial Cleanser

Herbalism Review:

Name: Herbalism.
Brand: Lush Handmade Cosmetics, Price: Approx. 8 Euro.
Why I Tried It: Suitable for Normal to Oily Skin. I liked the ingredients; rose oil to combat redness and rice for evening out skin tones. It is said to clean, control excess oil and prevent breakouts.
Ingredients:  Ground Almonds, Kaolin, Glycerine, Chlorophyllin, Water, Nettle, Rosemary and Rice Vinegar Extract, Rice Bran, Gardinia Extract, Rose ABsolute, Chamomile Blue Oil, Sage Oil, Perfume.

How To: 
  1. Take a small amount of product with DRY hands (v.important to have dry hands as there are no preservatives and water getting into the tub will make the product go out of date very quickly.)
  2. Take some water and apply it onto your hand with the product and mash the product until it turns into a muddy texture. Apply this on your face.
  3. Wash off with warm water.
Review: I dislike this product immensely. It does not prevent breakouts at all, in fact I have more breakouts than usual. Its as if it makes no difference. Its smell is not great and its very messy to apply. The only positives about this product is that it is gentle and non irritating.

Rating: 4/10.

Review & How To : Egg Mask Facial

Egg Mask Facial:

Why I Tried It Out: Acne problems and I wanted to try something natural, as chemicals dry out skin easily.

It's Main Functions:

  • Whitens Skin.
  • Reduces Pore Size.
  • Keeps Skin Firm & Elastic.
  • Egg Yolk Contains Vitamin A & Is A Good Moisturiser.
  1. Remove all your make up & cleanse yours face.
  2. Separate an egg white in one cup and an egg yolk in another cup.
  3. Beat the egg white until it becomes foamy and apply it on your face, leave it on for about 5 minutes until you cannot frown or smile. (The mask tightens and hardens.)
  4. Remove the egg white. Then apply the egg yolk the same way and leave it on for about 8 minutes, until it tightens. 
  5. Remove the egg yolk. Now apply toner and moisturiser. 
This is a great mask and it's benefits show up extremely quickly. You will notice a big difference to your skin in the morning! ( I recommend you use this mask at night time.) It feels like you've just gotten a face lift, and the next day my acne had reduced dramatically. After three days of using this mask half my blemishes had disappeared. The whites of the egg dries out your skin slightly so it is essential to use the egg yolk also. The only negative is that it is messy and wasteful.

Rating? 9/10.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Review & How To : Snow Fungus Serum & Scrub.

Snow Fungus:
Where I Purchased It: Asia Market, Dublin 2. Approx. 2.50 Euro.

Why I tried It Out: I noticed a lot of asian skincare products contain snow fungus. Also, S2Janie and BeautyQQ have videos on YouTube about it.

It's Functions: (some of them)

  • Eliminates Cervical Cancer Cells & Slowers the spread of Cancer.
  • Improves Immune System.
  • Reduces Blood Pressure.
  • Slows Your Aging Process.
  • Removes Scarring, Wrinkles And Fine Lines.
  • Evens Out Your Skin Tone.
How To:
  1. First soak the snow fungus in water/running water until the water stays clear. Cut out the middle section and set aside. 
  2. Bring a saucepan of water to the boil and add the Snow Fungus. Once it starts to boil again lower the heat to a low heat and cook for one hour. 
  3. After one hour remove the pan from the heat.
  4. Separate the Snow Fungus from the gel (the water will have turned to gel).
  5. Put the gel into containers and store both this, and the middle parts of the Fungus, and Refridgerate for up to 1 week.
  6. Use the gel as a serum after you apply toner, and use the middle as a facial scrub.
  7. Eat the snow fungus. It tastes better with sugar and/or fruit. Enjoy!
Review & Results:
I absolutely love this product, especially the scrub. It is a lovely texture and makes washing your face fun! Also, it is a cold scrub and therefore great for soothing irritated skin. The serum is not too thick and dries quickly. It feels cold and soothing also. I noticed while using the snow fungus treatment that it stopped any new blemishes appearing and my skin partially lost its redness. However, for it to cure scarring you would need to use it for 4 or 5 months to see a difference. A negative is that it is wasteful and needs to be refridgerated. However it is very inexpensive so making a new batch every week is inexpensive, as each packet contains about 5 or 6 Snow Fungus Pieces. 

Rating: 7.5/10.